Kingdom of Andor

The Kingdom of Andor consists of various noble houses serving underneath a King, which is typically the head of the major house who currently holds the throne. The current house, Weimar has controlled the throne for the past three generations.

When a King dies or is deposed, the next King is chosen by the support of the various Major Houses in the land. If a claimant has 8 out of 14 of the Major Houses, and controls the capital city of Arengar, they will be crowned King.

There are 14 Major houses in Andor, and they are as follows (in no particular order):

1. House Blackmoore

2. House Winters

3. House Aberly

4. House Cintel

5. House Trachand

6. House Kincaid

7. House Norwen

8. House Denwar

9. House Morrigan

10. House Geller

11. House Albrecht

12. House Balwer

13. House Fargan

14. House Weimar

Many of these houses have the support of various Minor Houses and important people, gain intel to find out more.

Kingdom of Andor

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